Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A New Way to Go Green

This blog isn't about a specific product, nor is it about anything actually "new". With this green "movement" in full swing, it's hard not to go a day without hearing about going green. So as I picked up our recycle bag yesterday, I realized it was a lot lighter than usual. Now, my husband and I enjoy beer, so by the day before recycle night, our recycle bag is pretty full of bottles, and heavy. So I had to think, "Why is our recycle bag so light?". The answer is...GROWLERS.

Last week I filled up a growler when I went to a beer release at DuClaw. And since then, we've been back for a few refills. A growler fills about five full pints or so. And refills are pretty inexpensive, at least comparable to a good microbrew six pack.

So next time you want to try a new brew, head to your local brewery. Order a sampler, most of them have them available, and get a growler filled to go. You can refill it often, and the best part is, you can try the beer before you buy it. And most breweries will refill growlers from other breweries. Notice my Old Dominion growler above - it's currently full of DuClaw's Blackout. You'll be going green AND supporting a local business!

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