Sunday, July 13, 2008


There are some products that, as a mother, you just can't live without. You wondered what on earth mothers did before them. Well, the Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is one of those products.

I would have never bought this for myself - I would have seen it in the store and thought, "What on earth would I need that for?". But as a first time mom, I received it from my best friend, a mother of one, and at that time expecting her second. I have since gifted one to a close friend of mine who is expecting their first.

While I didn't use it in the hospital, as soon as I got home, this thing became my best friend. As a new nursing mom, it became imperative to me to become aware of how often my newborn was eating. Especially since she "wasn't gaining weight fast enough". This start-time timer is great. It has a feature to start timing when you change your baby, when you feed your baby, when your baby goes to sleep, and when your baby _________________ (insert whatever you want to time here - I've used it mostly for medication). If you are nursing, it also has a feature to remind you whether your last feeding was on the L or the R, or whichever one you started on, if you offer both at each feeding.

At six months old, I'm still using it to keep track of baby's feedings. By habit, I track her changings. I'm now using the * feature to remind myself of when she last had infant Tylenol, as she is teething like crazy.

Seriously, new moms out there, you can't live without this one. When exhausted and sleep deprived, it just takes one thing you need to remember off your mind. And it has a belt clip. And a night light. Could they make it any more useful? As you can see from the picture, it's been four hours and twelve minutes since I last fed my baby. And last time I nursed, I started on the right. Seriously, an essential.

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Bdubba said...

Definitely seems like a handy little gadget. I remember tracking that kind of stuff on a piece of yellow paper. It was from the hospital and when I took it to the first pediatrician visit the paper looked rather garbled. lol