Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Einstein

This is the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. Once my baby started wanting to stand more than lay down or sit, I spent a lot of time doing online research about jumpers, walkers, and excersaucers. Based on my baby's love of jumping, I decided that something with a bit of bounce would be good for her. But I loved the concept of the excersaucer, with their 360 degree rotating seats, and various activities for entertainment and learning.

Enter the Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. At about 4-1/2 months I presented this jumper/excersaucer combo to my baby. With much success. She is now turning six months, and still adores it.

I like that it has various activities for her, and really like that it has loops from which to hang links with her favorite toys. Nothing like the ability to personalize a toy to your baby's liking. After some use (we did get ours used), the musical keys produce sound, but aren't very loud. I think replacing the batteries may rectify this, but it hasn't been that important to me yet. It does have a nice feature related to the music though - a volume setting - low or high. Nice for the parents. I mostly love it because she can spin around and play from "station" to "station", and jump like crazy, just like she loves! Like I said, I bought mine used, but it is totally worth the full $79.99 that it retails for. Hours of entertainment for baby, and just a little down time for the parent!!!

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