Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Clothes

I'm officially obsessed. Shopping has never been my forte and I've also never much enjoyed it. But now that I have a baby girl, I heart shopping for her. And since we're not infinitely wealthy, I'm perfecting the art of bargain shopping. So here's my latest take on baby girl clothes, and the stores that sell them.

The Gap
BabyGap is my current favorite brand. I can always find a good bargain at the Gap. And every Gap I go to has a different selection of clothes left in their clearance section. The quality is good, and I just adore their clothes, for every season,

Old Navy
I love the way Old Navy baby clothes feel. The cotton is SUPER soft. Bargains are a little tougher to come by in the store, but online, bargain selection is pretty good and size selection is very good.

I prefer to shop for Carters clothes at the Carters outlet stores, in my region, at Arundel Mills. They can be found at Target, Walmart, Burlington's Baby Depot, Sears, and other stores,too. I think the best sales are at the Carters store though. I do think their five-pack onesies are essential, as well as their sleep 'n plays for little ones. I got my baby's best sunglasses there, too. And for summer time, I couldn't live without the one piece sundresses.

I had heard about Gymboree being irresistable before I had a baby. Now, maybe for older kids it is, but for babies, I just can't see paying that much on a regular basis. Even their sales are too rich for my budget. But I admit, I have picked up some pieces there on occasion, and if you catch the right sale, you can get a few pieces that don't break the bank. I don't even have a picture of Jillian in a Gymboree outfit.

Children's Place
Fantastic deals if you wait for them. Regularly priced, their clothes aren't too expensive, but when you catch those end of season deals, they can't be beat. Just two weeks ago they had their clearance items ($7.99 and under) an additional 50% off. Seriously, we loaded up for next summer on bathing suits, cover-ups, dresses, and other fun stuff. Beyond that, their clothes are of decent quality, but for me, nothing to write home about in cuteness factor. I don't have a picture of Jillian in a Children's Place outfit either.

OshKosh B'Gosh
OshKosh scores big with me in cuteness, and they always have a good sale going on. They're great for buying current season stuff at below regular price. But their clearance sales aren't fantastic. But for tiny bathing suits, OshKosh was a lifesaver this year!


Lori said...

I agree with all of your recommendations! I especially love Baby Gap's sale rack and I buy anything that's under $4.99, no matter what. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog - take care!

Sarah said...

I hear ya on the baby clothes shopping! Love to buy clothes for my little doll!

Jenn said...

Oh, I adore little girls clothing too. I was actually a Gymboree addict as you can see from my site lol. Working to curb it and spend less!!

Sure is fun dressing a girl isn't it?

Bdubba said...

You listed my favorites as well. Most of the places you listed have adjustable waist bottoms which has been a big plus for my girls. They have long legs and need the length of the next size up so I adjust the waist.

Kara said...

Agree with all your choices!

2 Toddlers and Me said...

I love shopping for my daughter too. It's so unfortunate for my son, I just can't find boys clothes nearly as adorable as hers.

Around here we have tons of kids consignment shops and the local Early Childhood PTA groups hold kids resale events so you can find nearly new clothes for next to nothing.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours and am following and looking forward to reading more.

Jenn said...

Sucha cute blog. It's nice to meet you! My daughter (3) skips to the laundry when the gryer goes off. :)

Christy said...

I'm with you too! I am a Hanna Andersson fan for my daughter but the clothes are so expensive. I love little girl clothes.